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Using her knowledge of chemistry, Arakawa Hiromi-sensei wrote the popular shounen manga Full Metal Alchemist. Now using the other big aspect of her life – dairy farming – she went on to write the slice-of-life manga called Silver Spoon.

Now how could something written by the same author as Full Metal Alchemist but so fundamentally different possibly be as good?

Because it is Arakawa Hiromi. Anything she writes will be good, no matter the genre. Silver Spoon is not only a good slice-of-life, it is different and interesting. And even though it differs in plot, theme, complexity, and genre to Full Metal Alchemist, it delivers the same level quality in humor, characters, emotion, and just all around fun in reading it.

Hachiken Yugo is a city-boy in Hokkaido who moves to a dorm in an agricultural high-school purely for the sake of getting as far away from his family as possible. He knows nothing about agriculture, but figures that it shouldn’t be too hard to get top grades since subjects like Math, English, Japanese, and History are very basic at this school and the students aren’t too smart in any area outside, well, farming. In any case, it doesn’t much matter to him, because he has no idea what he wants to do with his life.

Isn't he adorable?

I mean, that right there got me immediately interested in the story. Because I swear, Hachiken is just like me. He’s a great main character. He’s not just Edward Elric all over again with a new appearance, but someone different with his own personality and problems. He’s very relatable – he’s sick of his family, he’s sick of his father always raising his standards and then never praising him no matter how well he does, he’s sick of his mother basically not knowing a thing about him or what he does with his time, and beyond wanting to do the best he can do in whatever he does, he has no ultimate goal in life, and that depresses him. I think every person, particularly those of us who finish high school, reaches that stage where they just want to get away, and leave concerns of the future for the more distant future.

Now you’d think that, based on what I’ve said about the character, the basic plot of the story would be about Hachiken learning the value of physical work and family. But the thing is that he is already a hard worker. And even though he is nowhere near top physical shape, certainly not enough to do farm work, he always gives it his all despite how much he might not like it. That’s the way he was raised.

That’s no to say that he doesn’t learn anything through his experiences at Yezo Agricultural High School. He absorbs everything people say to him, and he keeps his past experiences in mind when confronting new ones. And Hachiken in turn has an effect on the people around him. His classmates all grow to respect him because they know how dependable he is. They get exasperated with his antics sometimes, in the way that he always takes certain situations more seriously than they’re worth and making things harder for himself, but no one brings him down and, in most cases, everyone gets enthusiastic with his ideas.

That’s probably all due to the fact that everyone at Yezo High is so friendly. I love this school, and I swear, I wish I could go there, even though I know as little about agriculture as Hachiken does. Like I said, I am a lot like Hachiken – I’m not an approachable person because I have a gloomy looking face and I just seriously don’t know how to make friends or talk to people – but seeing how well Hachiken does at this school and all the friends he makes, I think it would have a positive effect on me as well. Hachiken grows bolder, he learns how to smile, he becomes stronger both physically and mentally, and it’s all due to the support of his teachers and friends at the school. Aside from all that, though, Yezo High is full of edutainment; it gets you close-up and personal to the life of agriculture, taking care of livestock, food processing, marketing, and all the other things you don’t really think about in the city. There’s also quite a lot about horse-riding and horse-races in here that really make you want to take up horse-riding yourself. It is interesting and holds your attention. You can see that Hiromi-sensei was enthusiastic about sharing this world with other people, and even though at times it feels like there’s a bit too much of it, this is after all a school-life story, and it’s nice to see a school-life story that actually shows you what the classes are like rather than just focusing on student drama. They’re not math classes, at any rate.

Even though it’s an agricultural school, though, Yezo High is much like any other school, and Hiromi-sensei exploits the hilariousness of school and dorm-life every chance she gets, which is just great. There’s a scene where the boys try to break out of their dorms after hours that is crazy. There’s an inter-school competition where the boys act like monsters and the girls just act friendly and leisurely. There’s a scandalous (and phony) rumor that spreads about Hachiken and another girl behaving inappropriately that freaks the both of them out when they hear about it.

As in Full Metal Alchemist, Hiromi-sensei once again displays her skill at making characters that are not only distinguishable in design, but in personality. And again, nearly all of them are likeable. You have Mikage, horse-crazy and completely clueless about boys, Komaba, strong-and-silent-type baseball jock, Tokiwa, the childishly annoying class idiot, Nishikawa, the dead-pan otaku, Okawa-senpai, the senior who can’t find a job and derives his amusement from the misfortune of others, Aikawa, the squeamish veterinarian-wannabe, Tamako, the scheming business-woman with a magically transforming figure, and Hachiken’s own careless older brother Hachiken Shingo, who dropped out of Tokyo University to become a terrible chef. The strength in this manga really is in the characters.

Need I even mention Hiromi’s absolutely rib-busting art-style?
And if you do read this manga, prepare yourself to salivate endlessly over fresh delicious food.
Seriously there is so much food in this manga.


It even gets emotional in some parts as well. I cried in this scene. I won't explain the context, not because it really spoils something huge, but because you don't get the full emotional impact when it's just explained to you. When you get to this point you know Hachiken well enough by now to know why this affected him.

Silver Spoon is not overly plot-driven, just basically following the agricultural school career of Hachiken Yugo. But if you take away the fact that it's an agricultural farming school, it's a story that most of us are probably living, and it makes you hopeful and happy; it's thought-provoking, it has life-lessons, it has the ups and downs of school life like tests and clubs, and overall it's entertaining in the same way that Full Metal Alchemist is gripping. I would really really like for there to be a published English translation; I would buy every volume.


2015 Edit:

Got the English printed copy of volume one today! So happy! Although, it's not by VIZ Signature, so some of the word selection doesn't really fit a few of the characters, and there are typos and grammar mistakes everywhere.... But oh well. The material itself is so good it still shines through a not-quite-perfect translation.

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Associated names :
荒川弘美 (real name)

Name (in native language) : 荒川弘

Zodiac : Taurus

Blood type : A

Her self-portrait is usually that of a bespectacled cow, as she was born and raised on a dairy farm in Hokkaido with three older sisters and a younger brother. She worked as a farmer for 8 years before moving to Tokyo.

Arakawa thought about being a manga artist "since [she] was little" and during her school years, she would often draw on textbooks. After graduating high school, she took oil painting classes once a month for seven years while working on her family's farm. During this time, she also created dōjinshi manga with her friends and drew yonkoma for a magazine.

Arakawa started out as Hiroyuki Eto's assistant writer for Mahōjin Guru Guru and a friend of Shakugan no Shana author Yashichirou Takahashi.

Arakawa's career started with a work titled STRAY DOG, but she is best known for creating the Fullmetal Alchemist.

For Fullmetal Alchemist manga, Arakawa had read alchemy-related books, which she found very complicated due to the fact that some books contradicted others. Arakawa was attracted more by the philosophical aspects than the practical aspects. For the Equivalent Exchange concept, she was inspired by the work of her parents who had a farm in Hokkaidō and always had to give all their effort in order to earn the money to eat.

Friends with Akira Segami.

Arakawa-san gave birth to a son in 2007.

Kyu Aiya was an assistant of hers. Fusanosuke Inariya was possibly another assistant of hers.

She received the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Award (New Artist Prize) 2011 for Fullmetal Alchemist.

The Shinsei Prize was also awarded to Arakawa.

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